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DM's Journals (3 Pack)

DM's Journals (3 Pack)

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Introducing the ultimate companion for 5e Dungeon Masters - the DM's Journal! Organize your thoughts and adventures effortlessly with our user-friendly dungeon master journal templates, designed to enhance your TTRPG experience.

  • 1 Campaign Journal: Designed for worldbuilding. Templates include maps, conflicts, locations, and more.
  • 2 Session Journals: The ultimate DM journal template for up to eight sessions. Keep track of NPC creation, creature builds, player stats, and more.

Dimensions: 5.63" x 8.27" x .59"

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What Are Dungeon Notes?

First funded on Kickstarter, Dungeon Notes were created by a group of players looking for a better way to record their gaming sessions.

Now, Dungeon Notes has expanded, including NPC cards. Become a master DM or player, with the ultimate toolkit, Dungeon Notes!

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