Can I use multiple discounts?

We only allow one discount code per purchase, so only select one discount code to use.

I didn't receive my subscription discount?

Unfortunately, our discount code generator isn't perfect and occasionally a submission will fall through the cracks. Please submit your information again, wait a few minutes, and check all your inboxes, including spam. If that doesn't work, please let us know at info@1985games.com.

Why did my total increase at checkout?

If you are located in the EU or UK, VAT fees are added to your order total at checkout. VAT fees are calculated based on the shipping address used.

Can I get wholesale pricing?

We offer wholesale pricing for gaming, hobby shops, and other retail stores. Visit our Wholesale page for more information or to apply today.


What is your fulfillment timeframe for the US and Canada?

We ship all US and Canadian orders within 1-3 business day from when the order is placed.

What is your fulfillment timeframe for EU/UK/Australia?

Due to the different timezones, there is a slight delay from our usual fulfillment times. However, we still expect all orders to be fulfilled within 3 business days. Any VAT fees are charged upon check out.

What is your cut off for expedited shipping?

All expedited orders past 7 am EST will be addressed the following business day. Please note that overnight and 2 day are only business days.

How long does free shipping take?

Free Shipping takes 3-5 business days in the continental US. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery timeframes on free shipping, only estimates.

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?

Please keep all packaging that came with your purchase and email photos of the damage to info@1985games.com. We will ship you replacements of any damaged items for free.

I am missing an item.

Email us at info@1985games.com with your order number and which item is missing. We are human and mistakes do happen, we apologize and will work to rush out a replacement to you as soon as we can.

Returns & Refunds

Is there a refund policy?

YES! Just ask. We are flexible and want our customers to have the best experience possible. Let us know the problem within 30 days and we'll resolve the issue.

For more information, view our Refund Policy.

Can I get a refund on shipping if it doesn't arrive on time?

If you purchase a shipping option and the package is delayed past the delivery time, you can get a refund. Please email us at info@1985games.com. We will process it with the carrier and give you the refund within 2 business days once its processed.


FAQs for all 1985 Game product lines.


Can you make *this* product?

We have many new and exciting products planned for the coming years. The TTRPG community is rich with different environments so it will take us a while to get to all of them. However, we are gamers as well and want to explore every universe and fandom with our products. Follow us on Kickstarter and our newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive updates on our newest projects!

What should I buy first?

There is no correct way to buy anything in our store! Buy whatever you need to enhance your TTRPG experience.

However, we do recommend pairing our Dungeon Craft books with our BattleMaps, since they perfectly match.

Dungeon Craft

Are the pieces “punch-out”?

Nope. We chose not to make the pieces punch-out for a couple of reasons. First, every test we did with a punch-out piece left small white dots that were very noticeable and made the pieces look bad. Second, the cost. Punch-out pieces were way more expensive and we wanted to make Dungeon Craft affordable for everyone. A nice pair of scissors is all you need. Cleanly cut lines look much better.

What is the quality of the paper used?

We used a thick, sturdy 12pt paper weight for Dungeon Craft. We also added a laminate coating to the pages to make the paper even tougher.

Does Dungeon Craft work with Dry/Wet erase marker?

Yes! We added a laminate coating to every page so you can freely use your dry/wet erase markers. Just stay away from permanent markers.

Is Dungeon Craft only for Dungeons & Dragons?

Not at all. Dungeon Craft books work with any fantasy tabletop role-playing game out there. Dungeon Craft complements Pathfinder perfectly. If you are playing any game that requires trees, buildings, treasure chests, or zombies, Dungeon Craft will work.

Are there rules?

Tons… Jk. We have no rules. Dungeon Craft simply complements any tabletop game you may play. We've made a book filled with all the terrain you need to build a battle map with trees, barrels, skeletons, houses, rivers, and so much more.

What age range is Dungeon Craft appropriate for?

Dungeon Craft is for all ages and experience levels. If you have been playing for 20 years, this book can eliminate most of your drawing time and give you the tools to build engaging encounters. If you are brand new to the game, Dungeon Craft is the perfect addition. If you're a kiddo, this is for you, too.

How does it work?

Cut out what you need...place it on your map or table...and play in an engaging world!

Are the game pieces waterproof?

The game pieces are water-resistant. They have a laminate coating that makes them very durable. BUT: If your game pieces get damaged in any way—cut, torn, covered in salsa, whatever, don’t worry. We give you a ton of pieces! Enjoy the book without fear. Please don’t ban your favorite beverage from the table. Drink, play, and be merry!

Where is my copy of Brine Break Adventure?

You can download your copy of the Brine Break Adventure from our Brine Break page.

Do you have digital copies?

Many of our products are available on the Virtual TableTop site Roll20! All of the Dungeon Craft series and BattleMaps are available for purchase on Roll20.

Our BattleMaps are available on Fantasy Grounds and Arkenforge.


Do you have digital copies?

Many of our products are available on the Virtual TableTop site Roll20! All of the Dungeon Craft series, BattleMaps, and Deck of Stories are available for purchase on Roll20.

Our BattleMaps and Deck of Stories are available on Fantasy Grounds and Arkenforge.

VHS Dice

Can I mismatch the case and dice?

Unfortunately, we do not offer mismatched VHS Dice since all our dice are already pre-packed in the warehouse. However, this would be the perfect excuse to buy two sets of your liking. As I like to say, treat yo' self!

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FAQs for connecting with 1985 Games.

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Can I post about 1985 Games?

We will never say "no" to being featured on your website, YouTube, stream, Instagram, etc. If you need additional resources to craft a compelling piece, please contact us at info@1985games.com and we will be happy to collaborate!

Other Questions?

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