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Our Mission

When we set out to design something new, we have a very specific vision in mind. Our goal is to create cool and unique accessories that feel like what you’ve been looking for all along. We know that if a gaming accessory doesn't solve a problem or enhance your game then it doesn’t matter. We focus on designing new accessories that we would be happy to use in our own games, and we hope you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Our offices

Where the Magic Happens

Deep in the heart of the fabled land of Portland, our team works surrounded by gaming books and accessories. The works of gaming legends inspire us to spend our hard-earned crafting materials and experience to create new gaming wonders.

Our Team

115 Years of gaming.

Each member of the 1985 Games team has proven their valor in countless campaigns. Our adventuring party consists of...

Jeremiah Crofton

Jeremiah Crofton

Level 16 Ranger

I’m Jeremiah, the Co-Owner, Creative Director, and DM for 1985 Games. I’ve been playing D&D since I was a kid and have been a below-average Mini painter for a few years now. I enjoy long walks on an imaginary beach and I'm a Scorpio. I think. You can find me most weekends in the middle of the woods holding a sword and challenging wolves to fights.

Giles Gardner

Giles Gardner

Level 14 Rogue

I am Giles, the chief grunt at 1985 Games. I started playing D&D and TTRPG’s in my early 20’s, and I am a wannabe min/maxer. I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, the usual stuff people say on their tinder accounts. What people don't know is when I'm doing those activities in my mind I'm creating crazy fantasy stories about wherever I am. You might call it inspiration, but those who know me best call it ADHD.

Lenny Gotter

Lenny Gotter

Level 18 Wizard

I’m Lenny, Co-Owner, and President of 1985 Games. I still have my character sheets from my first D&D campaign in 1988 the same year I went to my first GENCON. My favorite movie is Blade Runner, I take cool photos, am a classically trained opera singer (dramatic tenor), world-class spirits judge, and generally a legend in my own mind.

Justus Hughes

Justus Hughes

Level 14 Bard

I'm Justus, The Community manager for 1985 Games. I've been an avid Magic: The Gathering player since the 90s and I've been working in the Tabletop industry for the past 4 years. I've dabbled with board games and RPGs for most of my adult life but really got into D&D and TTRPGs in the last two years. These days I stream 5 days a week, playing a variety of role-playing games. I spend my nights continually brushing my award-winning beard in the light of the moon, basically like Rapunzel without the singing.

Veronica Casson

Level 14 artificer
I’m Veronica. Artist. Designer. Maker of things. Reader of many books. Fighter of robots. I draw daily, drink coffee too often and play way too many board games. I adore noisey indie pop music, sci-fi concept art books, period dramas, Disneyland, and Dirty Martinis. I’ve been playing RPG’s since I got that “red box” version of basic D&D, with the Larry Elmore painting on the front, so so many Christmases ago.

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