The Tall Grass

Obojima is a brand new 250+ page campaign setting for 5E. Guide your players through breathtaking locations, encounter strange spirits, discover rare oddities, and battle wild and wondrous creatures. Create your own unforgettable narrative in this new, yet familiar world with an all-new collection of curious items, magical spells, and numerous player options.

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Potion Brewing

On the Island of Obojima, potion crafting is a useful skill that most adventures learn, but few master. LUCKILY, Potion Brewing has never been easier!

Hunt for any of the 100 + ingredients spread across the island and combine them to create custom potion recipes. With over 180 potions to brew, you'll be a seasoned adventure before you've crafted them all. That being said, you must be careful; some of these fabled ingredients are hard to obtain! Many experienced Brewmasters have lost themselves or worse in search of a rare ingredient.

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Hoard Of Knowledge

Explore rich lore, discover new creatures, and embark on a thrilling adventure before anyone else. You can even share your feedback on our #playest-feedback channel on Discord!

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Dive Into Discord

The members of Obojima can be found on Discord. Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and get the latest Obojima updates. Bear witness to the creation of Obojima as we bring the world to life.

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As Seen On Kickstarter

23,416 backers pledged $2,610,869 to help bring this project to life.

Coming In 2024

We are still exploring all the wonders Obojima has to offer, but we hope to open the island in September 2024.