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The Ultimate DM Starter Kit - Get Over 40%Off

The Ultimate DM Starter Kit - Get Over 40%Off

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Everything you need as a new Dungeon Master in one unbeatable bundle for a limited time!

1. Dungeon Craft Vol 1:

  • Comprehensive 2D terrain set with laminated, erasable pieces
  • Includes buildings, treasure, critters, trees, and more
  • Perfect for creating immersive fantasy landscapes

2. City Stone/Dungeon Stone Map:

  • 24"x 33" laminated map with 1" squares
  • Ideal for both city and dungeon settings
  • Compatible with Dungeon Craft Vol 1

3. DM Journals:

  • 1 Campaign Journal for worldbuilding
  • 2 Session Journals for tracking NPCs, creature builds, and player stats
  • Enhance your TTRPG experience with organized templates

4. NPC Booster Packs:

  • 18 pre-generated, customizable character cards
  • Beautifully illustrated for quick and engaging storytelling

Unlock epic adventures today!

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What Is Dungeon Craft?

First funded on Kickstarter in 2019, Dungeon Craft was created by a group of players looking for a better way to game in real-time.

Now, Dungeon Craft has expanded into several different books, covering all your TTRPG fantasy needs. Simply cut out the pieces and get back to gaming!

  • Step 1: Cut

    Simply cut out the Dungeon Craft assets.

  • Step 2: Play

    Place them on the BattleMap to create detailed layouts within seconds.

  • Step 3: Store

    Then, easily store them for next session.

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  • Endless Adventures

    Our TTRPG 2D terrain products offer unparalleled versatility, allowing DMs to create instant, immersive gaming environments—unleash your creativity!

  • High-Quality Craftmanship

    With intricately designed RPG map tiles, your tabletop stories will come to life! Plus, these thick 12pt cardstock pages with a laminate coating are water-resistant and dry/wet-erase compatible!

  • Affordable Storytelling

    Invest in your gaming experience without breaking the bank. Our cost-effective terrain and paper tiles provide an affordable alternative to 3D setups.