We Are Live On Start Engine!

We Are Live On Start Engine!

Yes, you read that title correctly! As of today, March 8th, 1985 Games is live on Start Engine. Since we are one of the only tabletop games to use this platform, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in the TTRPG community.

About Us

1985 Games was co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Lenny Gotter and Jeremiah Crofton after the two bonded in their struggle to find good gaming supplies for their table. Today, we boast 6 different product lines and a crowd-funded ethos of the community. Catering to an active, TTRPG consumer, 1985 Games delivers a collection of products that are easy to use, affordable, and make for a more entertaining, and engaging style of gameplay.

What Is Start Engine?

Essentially, Start Engine is the investor's version of KickStarter. Start Engine was designed to allow everday people the opportunity to invest in startups. With multiple tiers of investments, you can choose how much you money you want to dedicate to a new business. Plus, there are rewards associated with each tier, so you will get some bonus items, too.

Not to mention, it is all investing, which means a whole bunch of calculations that are above my knowledge (but it sounds cool). If you want all the fun details of where your money is going and how it will be returned, there are documents linked at the bottom of the Start Engine page.

Why Invest?

Whether it is thanks to Stranger Things, Critical Role, or connecting with friends, there is no denying the TTRPG community is growing. Since we are the creator of Dungeon Craft, Counterspell Miniatures, other TTRPG accessories, we have a direct connection to the community. So, not only would you be making a financial decision for yourself, but it would also be investing in the TTRPG community. Now, that sounds like a bragging right.

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No matter how much I want it right now, I really can’t afford the initial investment in your minimum of 50 common shares at Start Engine. That being said, I applaud you for offering this opportunity, and I will continue to keep tabs on your company’s new product offerings.

Honestly, this is the first stock that I am excited about since the early 2000s when I wanted to purchase stock in Blizzard after having played through Starcraft. I never purchased stock in them, and I don’t really feel like I know that company now like I did then. Your company, however, I am enjoying getting to know better. I especially enjoyed discovering this Blog today so that I can get more news and insights from 1985 Games!

John Merle Holes

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