How Do I Get Dungeon Craft At My Local Game Store?

How Do I Get Dungeon Craft At My Local Game Store?

While 1985 Games is located in Portland, Oregon, we have many stores around the world that sell our products. In fact, use our Store Locator to check if there is already a store in your area. If there is not a store in your area, I have created this guide to help you get any 1985 Games products in your area.

Why Would I Want Dungeon Craft At My Local Game Store?

1. To support your local game store and 1985 Games.

When we work with stores, we offer a bulk discount. When your store saves money, they can benefit from your purchase. So, instead of just supporting one small-business, you are supporting two!

2. To spread the word about Dungeon Craft.

If you already own a copy of Dungeon Craft or have had Dungeon Craft on your wishlist since our Kickstarter, you are part of the superb fraction of the TTRPG community. Okay, so the bar for "superb" might be low, but at least you are in our eyes.

But really, you are just a fraction of the TTRPG community and there are plenty of people who have never even heard of us! Imagine that! Still having to deal with your GM's terrible stick figures and arguing if "that one" was a rabid dog corpse or a barrel of gunpowder.

So, the power of knowledge now falls to you. Spread the word and who knows? You might even be superb in the eyes of your local game store!

Our Wholesale System

At 1985 Games, we have a wholesale system in place to conduct business with stores around the world. As a shopper, you can tell your local game store the following information.

The easiest way to get connected with us is checking out our Wholesale page on our website. On our Wholesale page, you can find our Catalog and Brand Assets. Stores can simply fill out the form included on the Wholesale page and we will be in contact with them.

How Do I Tell My Local Game Store?

There are many ways to connect with your local game store. The original in-person approach is always an option. But, reaching out via email or phone call is a great option for those who are not the confrontational type.

Also, make sure to express your interest. It is fans like you that keep small companies alive, so expressing your interest is a necessity for this to work. If they are unfamiliar with 1985 Games, show them our Product Line-Up Video on YouTube so the can view the variety of products we offer.

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