How Can I Save My Dungeon Craft Map Build?

How Can I Save My Dungeon Craft Map Build?

The player to the right yawns, followed by a chain of echoes. You glance at the clock, both hands are pointed toward the ceiling. Two of your members start work at 8 am the following morning. The time has come... But wait! You have so much more planned for this map build! There are so many unturned boxes and *insert name* was supposed to find their new magical item under the...

We have all been there. As always, nothing is perfectly planned when it comes to running a session and adaptations need to be made. Luckily, we have encounter this struggle and have learned a few ways to preserve your Dungeon Craft handiwork.

The Removable Glue Points Technique

Similar to the removable glue found on the back of a new credit card, these adhesives are easy to remove and reuse. You can add these adhesives after playing by simply adding a tab to each piece (sometime two on larger pieces). As long as the dog doesn't have a history of eating your homework, you can trust that your map will be preserved for your next session.

Or, you can simply use the glue points while playing. Even though the glue points might loose their stickiness quicker than the previous method, this method is superior if you have persistent table bumps or baggy sleeves that seem to have an unexplained vendetta towards loose cutouts. If your clothing has a tendency to harm inanimate objects, I would suggest purchasing these removable glue point and a quick drop-off at your nearest Goodwill.

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The Removable Mounting Putty Technique

Like the glue points, removable mounting putting is a great way to remove and secure all of your Dungeon Craft pieces. However, the major downfall to the mounting putty is that is not clear and can get dirty very quickly. But, if you are a cheap college student or someone who has not yet grown out of that financial mindset, chances are you already own this putty. Not that I am speaking from experience. Just assuming...

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The Plexiglass Technique

Plexiglass was built for many uses, but have you ever considered using it as a transparent placeholder? That's right, you can use a plexiglass sheet, preferably a thin one, to set on your Dungeon Craft map build. While there is some talent involved with placing the sheet on the board without moving any pieces, it is a great technique to use either before your encounter or as an afterthought. In fact, it gives the feeling of owning a fancy, electronic GameBoard. Well, almost. At least it won't cost an arm and a leg.

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The Photograph Method

Luckily, the Dungeon Craft pieces are quick enough to find (especially if you use one of our recommended storing methods from our past blog post) and assemble. If you do not want maps on your living room table all week, it might be best to snap a quick shot and store the pieces for next time. While the Dungeon Craft is known for its many uses, it doesn't make a particularly good dinner plate.

The Tape Method

Just, don't. You already bought the fancy, colorful laminated set. It is only $10 to go with the glue points method if you are that desperate to preserve this map. You must be a dangerous creature if you are willing to gamble tearing these pieces to save them for next session.


If you have the space to keep your maps prepared for next session, we recommend the Removable Glue Points Technique. However, it might be best to find a proper storing method for your Dungeon Craft set and snap a quick photo at the end of your session. Choose whatever method fits your needs. Happy gaming!

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