The Greater Restoration 2023 Event

The Greater Restoration 2023 Event

In the vast and diverse landscape of online gaming, few events hold the power to unite gamers from all walks of life in a common purpose. The Greater Restoration returned for their annual stream April 28th to the 30th this year. This event not only celebrates the gaming community but also serves a greater cause - raising funds and awareness for mental health through the support of the renowned organization, Take This. Over the course of 3 days and 6 games, Greater Restoration raised a grand total of $1,400 towards Take This.

Throughout the Stream, the crew hosts an entertaining series. You can view their Streams on Twitch or via a video complication by their event partner, 
Chris Cinneas - The Painting Pirate, on YouTube. Stay tuned for more Twitch and YouTube content by this amazing group!

At 1985 Games, we firmly believe that we are presented with an opportunity to create positive change within the TTRPG community. We are proud to support the Greater Restoration as their goals perfectly align with our mission to be a force for good, leaving a lasting impact on our environment and community. We encourage everyone to embrace similar initiatives and work collectively to support one another.

The Greater Restoration stands as a shining example of how the gaming community can unite for a greater cause. By partnering with Take This, this charity event has transformed the lives of many by promoting mental health awareness and providing vital resources. Through gaming, empathy, and collective efforts, the Greater Restoration showcases the positive power the gaming community holds in making a difference in the world. As the event continues to grow and evolve, it serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring gamers to come together, raise their voices, and create lasting change for mental health.

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