Benefits Of A Mystery Dice Subscriptions

Benefits Of A Mystery Dice Subscriptions

After adventuring our website, you might have stumbled upon our Mystery Dice Delivery Service. This monthly service guarantees two mystery dice sets will magically appear on your doorstep each month. Not only that, but each $19.85 delivery will be accompanied by stickers and/or pins.

Well, you might be asking yourself, "Now, why would I need that?" And that is fair. The usual subscription services usually end at Netlfix, Spotify, and that gym membership. However, I am here to tell you why you need to sneak in a dice delivery service into your monthly budget.

It's Dice...

Dice goblins? I don't need to reason with you. You are beyond help with your addiction and I am disappointed that you aren't already subscribed. At least this way, you know you will be spending less than $20 every month rather than leaving it up to fate. In fact, I think your wallet is already thanking me.

Analysis Paralysis

You are standing at the counter of your local game store. Over the last 30 minutes, you have narrowed your choices down to the orange-lettered ones, the red-splattered ones, green-dusted ones... So maybe you haven't really narrowed it down. All you know is that you don't want to return home with another plain blue set. The quick-grab, comfort sets at home haunt you.

Instead, leave it up to fate! Between the email notification informing you of the shipment and the knock on the door, you didn't loose a single hair due to stress (at least concerning the dice).

You open the box, surprised by the stickers. Then, you open the bags of dice. They are everything you didn't know you needed!

Makes A Great Present

While this isn't directly benefiting you, it does save you from that awkward confrontation of realizing your friends birthday is tomorrow. Even Amazon's 2-day shipping can't save you now!

Instead of arriving to the party empty-handed, you can purchase them the thoughtful gift of a monthly dice delivery service. Now, they think you have your life together and every time that parcel arrives on their doorstep, they will think about what a wonderful friend you are. No one ever needs to know.


I convinced you, didn't I? Now, the process is simple enough.

1. Simply visit the Mystery Dice Delivery Service page.

2. Add the subscription to your cart.

3. Checkout.

Those three steps will land you dice to your doorstep every month. No need to reorder because technology can care of the rest. Go about your life and after the 5th of each month, you will be surprised to have a parcel waiting on your doorstep.

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