Top 10 Portland Gaming Blogs and Websites

Top 10 Portland Gaming Blogs and Websites

Portland, Oregon is home to Rose City Comic Con, several arcades, countless game stores, and other "nerd-based" locations. In other words, there are plenty of activities forĀ fans of various game mediumsĀ to enjoy in the city of Portland.

It is with this awareness that we are thrilled to be ranked among the Top 10 Gaming Blogs based in Portland. With several other Portland-based gaming blog, we are happy to see some of our partnered game stores included in the list. So thanks to Feedspot, here is a collective list of the 10 Best Portland Gaming Blogs and Websites.

#1 - Mox Boarding House Blog

While Mox Boarding House was originally established in Seattle in 2011, they opened a Portland location in 2020. Not only is Mox Boarding House a wonderful game store with over 400 titles, but they host an in-store restaurant and rooms for large scale events! Talk aboutĀ a dream location.

Not only does Mox Boarding House update their blog with the latest updates of their store, they also feature updates relating to the board game community. Get involved by visiting their blog, ordering from their restaurant, or attending one of their many events!

Check out Mox Boarding House Blog

#2 - 1985 Games Blog

I am assuming that you already know of our blog since, well, you are here. But, if somehow your internet browser has experienced an existential crisis and selected a random blog post like the "Random" wikiHow feature, I will take the opportunity to let you in on our secrets.

At 1985 Games, we have plenty of topics to discuss. Between insights into the creation of our products, office humor, our current game obsession, "bad" 80s movie, RPG tips, amazing Kickstarters, and more, it is hard to summarize what our blog is exactly about. However, I canĀ guarantee that you will be entertained by at least one of our many roleplay game-related topics.

#3 - Guardian Games

Guardian Games is another one of our paired, local game stores, so I am happy to see them on this list. Guardian Games is a Portland based game store that not only hosts many events relating to miniature painting, Magic The Gathering, Warhammer, and more, they also have Bar Hours 6pm-Close during weekdays and 12pm-Close on weekends.

Guardian News keeps its fanbase in the loop by posting store updates. So, make sure to visit their website for updates on upcoming events and contests. Who doesn't love a bit of competition?

#4 -Ā Digital Trends Ā» Gaming

Based in Portland, Digital Trends covers the biggest news in the gaming industry. Offering coverage on Playstation, Nitendo, Xbox, and more, Digital Trends is your go-to relating to video games.

Since Digital Trends is the only news-based website on this list, they offer daily updates for the gaming industry. So, if you are looking for a local, reliable newsletter relating to video games, Digital Trends is a must read.

Check out Digital Trends Gaming Blog

#5 - Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Established in 2006, Portland Retro Gaming Expo is a non-profit cooperative organization dedicated to classic video and arcade games. They host their annual convention in October, but their newsletter keeps fans up to date about local retro gaming events.

If you love classic arcade games, follow their newsletter.

Check out Retro Gaming Expo Newsletter

#6 - Rose City Games Blog

Rose City Games is an unforgettable game company based in Portland. They live up to their standards as they "tell fantastical stories that immerse players through striking arkwork and unforgettable soundtracks." And, their blog posts go further by continuously adding content to their games.

Get lost in countless hours worth of cozy games by checking out Rose City Game's Game Library. Then, once you think you have played to your hearts content, read the corresponding newsletters to get lost all over again.

Check out Rose City Games Blog

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