Portland Game Stores and Beyond: 5 Portland Gaming Blogs

Portland Game Stores and Beyond: 5 Portland Gaming Blogs

Portland, Oregon is the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts, boasting Rose City Comic Con, numerous arcades, a plethora of game stores, and various other "nerd-based" spots. In essence, Portland offers a myriad of activities catering to fans of different gaming mediums.

It is with immense pleasure that we announce our inclusion among the top-ranking gaming blogs based in Portland. Among the plethora of Portland-based gaming blogs, we're delighted to witness recognition for some of our affiliated game stores. Thanks to Feedspot, here's a comprehensive list of the 5 Best Portland Gaming Blogs and Websites.

#1 - Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Since its inception in 2006, the Portland Retro Gaming Expo has been a haven for classic video and arcade game aficionados. While their annual convention in October is a highlight, their newsletter keeps fans informed about local retro gaming events throughout the year.

If classic arcade games are your passion, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

Check out Retro Gaming Expo Newsletter

#2 - Mox Boarding House Blog

Mox Boarding House, originally established in Seattle in 2011, expanded to Portland in 2020. This fantastic game store boasts over 400 titles, alongside an in-store restaurant and event rooms, making it a dream location for gamers.

Not only does Mox Boarding House keep its blog updated with store news, but it also provides insights into the board game community. Dive into their blog, savor their restaurant offerings, or join their exciting events!

Check out Mox Boarding House Blog

#3 - Rose City Games Blog

Rose City Games, a distinguished game company based in Portland, lives up to its reputation by crafting fantastical stories and immersive gaming experiences through striking artwork and unforgettable soundtracks. Their blog continually enriches their games with fresh content.

Dive into Rose City Game's Game Library for countless hours of cozy gaming. And don't forget to explore their newsletters for even more gaming adventures.

#4 - 1985 Games Blog

You might already be familiar with our blog since you're here. However, in case your internet browser has had an existential crisis and landed you on a random blog post, let me enlighten you about our secrets.

At 1985 Games, we delve into a myriad of topics, from product creation insights to office humor, current gaming obsessions, "bad" 80s movies, RPG tips, amazing Kickstarters, and more. Our blog promises entertainment, especially for roleplay game enthusiasts.

#5 - Digital Trends » Gaming

Digital Trends, headquartered in Portland, is your ultimate source for the latest gaming industry news. Covering everything from Playstation, Nitendo, Xbox, and beyond, Digital Trends stands as the go-to platform for gaming enthusiasts.

As the sole news-based website on this list, Digital Trends provides daily updates, ensuring you're well-informed about the gaming world. For local, reliable gaming news, Digital Trends is a must-read.

Check out Digital Trends Gaming Blog


As we conclude our exploration of the top gaming blogs in Portland, it's evident that the city is a hub for gaming enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you're into board games, video games, or retro gaming, there's something for everyone here. To dive deeper into Portland's gaming scene, why not check out some of the featured blogs and see what they have to offer?

Whether you're looking for the latest updates on local game stores or seeking insights into the gaming community, these blogs have you covered. And don't forget to share your favorite gaming spots or blogs in Portland in the comments below!

What's your go-to gaming haunt in the city? Have you discovered any hidden gems we haven't mentioned? Let's keep the conversation going and continue to celebrate Portland's vibrant gaming culture together!

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