Methods For Storing Dungeon Craft

Methods For Storing Dungeon Craft

A question we get asked often is how we store our Dungeon Craft pieces. Over the past two years, we’ve tried several methods with varying degrees of success. Of those methods, there are two that we’ve continued to use at the office, and we’ll be sharing those with you today. So let’s just dive into it!

The BINDER Method

This is not the most cost-effective method for storing your pieces, but it does make for an easy-to-use storage system that allows you to find and access your pieces all in one place.

To make it all you need is a binder of you’re choosing and a lot of binder sleeves. Because Dungeon Craft pieces are found in a huge assortment of sizes you’ll want a variety of sleeves. Luckily they make binder sleeves for all sorts of things, like cards, coins, comics, and more. And we’ll want a little of each. The coin sleeves let you organize all your 1x1 and 2x2 pieces, the currency sleeves hold longer dungeon craft pieces, and the full sheet sleeves do the trick with most other things. There are of course more sleeve options than that, but those are the most used of everything we purchased.

Final Thoughts

This method works well if you want to spend the extra money for the ability to really organize your pieces, but be warned this method isn’t without flaws. If you’re thinking about this option and you plan on taking your pieces on the go, this is your warning. If you turn this binder sideways or upside down, pieces can follow out. If the binder is going from your bookshelf to the table this shouldn’t be a big deal, but if you’re traveling and you accidentally put it in your bag upside down… You’ll be contemplating your choice of hobbies.

The ACCORDION and Friend Method

In this method, you’re playing things a little looser, but it’s more cost-effective and easy to travel with.

All you’ll need here is an accordion-style binder and a small tackle box of you’re choosing.

From here it’s easy. The larger pieces are organized into the binder while the smaller pieces are organized into the tackle box. Depending on the size of the binder and tackle box you pick out you may even be able to store more than one Dungeon Craft book between the two.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a fan of this method. It’s simple, it keeps like pieces together, and it doesn’t require me to think too much when placing the pieces back in storage. Is it the ultimate organizing tool? Not at all, but it does do the trick, and it’s easy to take on the go.


After trying out both methods for months, I can say that they both work great. Which one you should use depends on how you play. One method is for the semi-organized DM who likes to keep things fast and loose, while the other is for the DM who likes to keep their tools organized and easily accessible while also being willing to take the extra time to keep them that way.

Either way, I hope this article helps! So far these are the best options available to our knowledge. If you use different methods we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

If you want to try out these storage systems you’re self you can check out the links to all the products we’ve used below.

Avery Durable View 3 Ring Binder, 1/2 Inch Slant Rings

20 (Twenty Pages) - BCW Pro 2-Pocket Page (7-1/8" x 5-1/2" Cards, Postcards or Photos)

BCW 20 (Twenty Pages) Pro 1-Pocket Page (Magazine, Photo or Document Page Holder) Toy, Clear

BCW 9 Pocket Pages for 3 Ring Binders - 20ct

BCW Pro 20-Pocket Pages, Pocket Size: 2" x2", 20 Pages - Coin Collecting Supplies

BCW Pro 3-Pocket Currency Pages | Pocket Size 3-5/8" x 8-1/16" | 20-Pages Total

Amazon Basics Expanding Organizer File Folder, Letter Size

18 Grids Plastic Organizer Box with Dividers

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I found binder pages that solve the issue of everything falling out when you invert the page upside down. Search for “Uncle Paul Coin Collecting Pages”, they have little flaps over the top of each slot so stuff cannot fall out.


I found you can get half-height organizers like the “expanding organizer” listed above. Search for “A6 Expanding Organizer”. Works well for a lot of the smaller pieces that don’t need the big folders that fit sheets of paper.


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