How To Cut Dungeon Craft

How To Cut Dungeon Craft

As you might have noticed, 1985 Games is the founder of the ā€œMust Haveā€ RPG and 5e tool set known as Dungeon Craft. Each box containsĀ endless possibilities of 1000 reversible terrain pieces, monsters, and NPCs.

However, with the release of our third installation in the series on the horizon, we have encountered a question time and time again: "How do I cut my Dungeon Craft?" As the experts, we have the insider knowledge on the best tactics for cutting your Dungeon Craft and how to do it without shedding enough papercut blood to summon forces beyond us.

Tools To Use


The simplestĀ and most used method for cutting Dungeon Craft is to use your common household scissors. Since there is plenty of cutting ahead of you, I would recommend treating yourself to a new pair of scissors and throw out the pair that has around long enough to be deemed a family heirloom.

While it is easy enough to stop by your hometown Walmart, here is a quick link to some classic Scotch Precision Scissors. No, there is nothing special about them. They are just scissors and I have a link quota to meet.

Paper Cutter

If you really want to cut down on time and don't trust your shaky hands, then get yourself a straight edge paper cutter. A simple alignment, glide, and then you cut your time in half. And the paper in half. Just make sure not to go to crazy and cut too many papers in half. There will be no second chances... that's right, never...

Since paper cutters aren't as common as scissors, I would recommend thisĀ Firbon Paper Cutter. It's selling points? It has "Titanium" in the name andĀ painted with a cool graph that will defiantlyĀ be used.

Cricut Cutting Machine

You know that thing your Aunt got one year and know all of her Christmas presents are personalized water bottles. Yeah, this thing. I don't even know how to program these things, much less if it is even possible to program it to cut out Dungeon Craft, but now I just want to see it be done. If you know a soul dedicated to the Cricut life, let me know.

How To Cut

In order to cut out the pieces, cut along the dotted lines or the dark black lines that surround the art. However, make sure you do not cut the grid, which is marked by the thin solid lines.

As long as you don't go "Property Brothers" on theĀ buildings orĀ decapitate characters, you should be fine.

Remember, this is supposed to be a fun activity, so don't take it too seriously. Or, stress over it to the point where you take off 5 years of your life expectancy. We all have fun in our own ways.

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