How Do I Flatten My BattleMap?

How Do I Flatten My BattleMap?

BattleMaps provide the perfect 2D terrain for any TTRPG. However, whether it be due to the folds or the lamination, these maps sometimes have a knack for refusing to stay flat. Don't fret, my friends! This blog post will explore some creative methods for flattening a 2D terrain map, ranging from easily accessible materials to specialized tools.

The Removable Glue Points Technique

Let's kick things off with removable glue points because nothing says "temporary solution" like gluing things down, right? Grab those sticky wonders and dab a few onto the corners or edges of your map. Then, go ahead and press it onto a flat surface like a table or board. Voila! Your map will stay put, for now. Just remember to peel off those pesky glue points before they decide to make a permanent home on your precious map.

These glue points can even be used as a semi-permanent solution to the folds in your map. By placing the glue points on the BattleMap and then pressing it onto a cardboard cutout, you are able to create a sturdier map. This might even be ideal for someone who has a smaller table and wants to extend their tabletop. But be warned, if there is a “rage” player in your group, you just hosted the perfect opportunity for a low-effort table flip.

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The Removable Mounting Putty Technique

Ah, poster putty, the epitome of reusability. Take a moment to admire this magical substance as you roll it into tiny balls. Carefully place these balls strategically beneath the corners and edges of your map. Watch in awe as this magical putty defies gravity and keeps your map firmly in place. Plus, if you are a cheap college student or someone who has not yet grown out of that financial mindset, chances are you already own this putty. Not that I am speaking from experience. Just assuming...

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The Plexiglass Technique

Now, let's turn our attention to something a bit fancier: plexiglass or acrylic sheet. Who needs regular old surfaces when you can have a transparent and shiny one? Place your BattleMap on your table and then set the plexiglass sheet on top. Marvel at the sleekness of your flattened map, protected from the elements and ready to be shown off. In fact, it gives the feeling of owning a fancy, electronic GameBoard. Well, almost. At least it won't cost an arm and a leg.

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The Binder Clip Method

If you like the Plexiglass Technique but don’t want a barrier between you and the BattleMap, then the Binder Clip Method is for you. Lay your map gently on top of any hard surface (tabletop, cardboard, plexiglass, etc.) and secure it with binder clips. With this method, you don’t have to worry about the fan moving your BattleMap, just your Dungeon Craft pieces!


Good Ol’ Heavy Objects

If you're feeling nostalgic for the good ol' days of physical labor, this method is for you. Grab some heavy books or any flat, cumbersome objects you can find. Spread them across your map, distributing the weight like a well-planned buffet. Give it some time, and you'll witness the magic of gravity as your map becomes flatter than your favorite pancake. Who needs the gym when you can flatten maps?


The Tape Method

Just, don't. You already bought the fancy, colorful laminated map. It is only $10 to go with the glue points method if you are that desperate to keep your BattleMap flat. You must be a dangerous creature if you are willing to gamble tearing the map over a small crease.



Whoever said simplicity is key clearly had no imagination. From removable glue points and poster putty that may or may not become your map's permanent buddies, to the luxurious world of plexiglass—there's a method out there that suits your unique sense of adventure. So, go forth, my fellow map enthusiasts, and conquer those stubbornly unflat maps. Happy gaming!

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