D20's Influence on Language Beyond the Gaming Table

D20's Influence on Language Beyond the Gaming Table

You know that trusty D20? Well, it turns out it's got a lot more to say than just determining your in-game fate. Join me as we venture beyond the realms of gaming and discover how the D20 has stealthily infiltrated our everyday language and expressions.

Language Enriched with Gaming Metaphors

So, you know those sayings like "rolling the dice" or "taking a chance"? They've evolved into more than just words. They've become like a wink to life's unpredictability, all inspired by the D20's potential outcomes. Who knew your tabletop antics would sneak into everyday talk?

Not to mention, common TTRPG phrases like "Nat 20" or "crit"¬†have evolved into more than¬†common game¬†expressions ‚ÄĒ they are know engrained in our culture. This jargon is now known by many and is seen across the internet and even in stores.

Real-Life Decisions, D20 Style

If you are on TikTok, or really any social media platform, chances are you have stumbled upon a video of someone creating something with the help of a D20 (I know, that wasn't even remotely specific). For example, you may know the TikTok series "Roll For Sandwich." In each video, Jake Pauwels lets a D20 die decide his sandwich creation by writing the options beforehand and rolling for the eventual outcome.

Reflecting on the idea, allowing a D20 to make a decision for you might just be the upgraded version of a classic coin flip. Personally, I appreciate a good roll over a coin flip.

United by the D20

When we mention the gaming community as a community, we mean it. Yes, it can have its ups and downs, but what group doesn't. However, there wasn't necessarily a widespread sign, like sports fans wearing their jerseys.

Now, the D20 serves as a beacon for other gamers. Whether someone has a D20 phone case or a D20 car sticker, you instantly know that person is part of the community. Instead of asking how the weather is, now you can beeline to the shared interest.


Who would've guessed that rolling a simple D20 could have such a linguistic impact? From gaming tables to casual conversations, this little geometric wonder has snuck its way into our expressions and hearts. So, next time you hear someone say they're "rolling the dice" or someone with a D20 tattoo, recognize the little piece of gaming magic that's become a part of us all.

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My daughter regularly makes these charts for us to create new and interesting characters in games like Skyrim or WoW. Long live the d20!!


I’ve seen so many people on TikTok with ADHD using a D20 to help them do household chores >.<


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