Company Game Session 5

Company Game Session 5
After evading the guard we found our way to the Wicker Goat. The tavern, perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. overlooked crashing surf through long salt-stained windows.
The place resembled a cabin with an L-shaped bar running along its perimeter. Full and empty pints of Ale littered the bar. Patrons grabbed drinks and threw coins down as fast as the barman could pour them.
It was loud and smoky. Sailors drank, ate, gambled, fought, passed out, and then started it all over again. I was quick to start the process myself. Anastasi and Stargrove found a table for us in the back of the bar. It was near the line cook and next to a shelf of bottled skeletal fish and sea creatures.
Mugs hung from hilts of scimitars and sabers, which were wedged into the ceiling and walls at odd angles. Whenever a seaman finished their ale they would toss their mugs at the swords in an attempt to loop the drink handles on the weapon hilt. Most missed.
Opposite of us where a group of men that caught my eye. Each one dressed nicer than the last. So I asked Stargrove to try to get closer. I was using him as a distraction, but I figured he wouldn't mind. I snuck over from the opposite side while their attention rested on the golden Dragonborn.
The sailors, all sported richly-dyed coats, wide-brimmed hats adorned with bright feathers, and waxed mustaches. I also caught the glimmer of an ornate metal breastplate beneath one of their jackets.
I sat for some time, listening in on their conversation as best I could. From what I could tell the three were harboring in town after losing a ship in the recent storms. I remembered Anastasia having mentioned similar troubles at sea not long ago. Then one of them said something about their cargo, but I just couldn't hear them clearly from where I sat. So…
I forced my way in. I used Stargrove's untouched Ale as collateral to enter the conversation. They accepted me well enough though they scoffed at the beer. They drank a higher shelf of spirits they told me.
I stumbled through a half-hearted lie about my origin and intentions.
They saw right through it. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I am a bad liar. So I called Anastasia over for backup. She is better at this kind of thing than I am. She discovered that the three were brothers and had recent dealings with Adderan, the first mate we whereafter.
They apparently had won the deed to the Sea Sheppard from Addaron two weeks ago in a game of cards and offered up a small bounty if we could find him and retrieve it. Lucky for us this new job came with a brief description.
Sallos had asked us to find the first mate’s name and description and now we had both.
We excused ourselves from the conversation. I took back the untouched ale and chugged it before handing it to Stargrove.
The ranger promptly tossed it onto one of the sword hilts with startling accuracy and we made on our way.

When we arrived in his study Sallos had his hands hovering above a crystal ball. His pupils turned back. It took him a few moments to come out of the trance. He then welcomed us and we reported our findings.
He used what we told him to create a glowing map of Dassos that moved and pulsed with life. The more he chanted the closer the map enlarged. Line and dots turned into fully realized towers. We seem to be flying over the world until it stops on a coastal tavern in the town of White Sands.
The wizard looked up at us and smiled. “You will find him there.

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