Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series 2 Kickstarter

Last time we had a Acquisitions Incorporated series was June of 2016. Now, almost 7 years later, the team has officially announced their upcoming Series 2 on Kickstarter. Although the series is already set to air in September, they are launching the Kickstarter on March 8th.

Why A Kickstarter?

You may be asking, then why do they need a Kickstarter? While the core series is set to be 10-episodes of two-hour sessions, the Kickstarter is set to promise certain enhancements. As per the usual Kickstarter stretch goals, we are to expect more episodes, special guests, and other features as they meet their goals.

So, head over to their Kickstarter now to receive updates as they are announced.

What About Wizards of the Coast?

With the OGL fiasco and the entire #opendnd surge, the community might be hesitant to support a project with many ties to Wizards of the Coast. However, Holkins and Krahulik suspected the potential backlash and have openly stated that while Wizards of the Coast is helping with the project, there will be no financial association between the series and Wizards of the Coast. In other words, you are free to support Acquisitions Incorporated without a single penny landing at the feet of Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro.

So... What Is The Series?

If you already know what to be expecting from the series, you can just visit the Kickstarter or read some other articles till your heart's content... or, if you are still here, you are probably here to judge if I phrase this correctly. It's not like I need added pressure...

Well, here it goes. I will save you the time of sorting out Penny Arcade, Wizards of the Coast's affiliation, and Acquisitions Incorporated. Penny Arcade is the webcomic ran by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. They eventually created Acquisitions Incorporated with D&D 4e. Now, on Acquisitions Incorporated's 15th anniversary, they are launching The Series 2.

The cast will include the Penny Arcade founders themselves, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, and the Wizards of the Coast key designers of 5e, Jeremy Crawford and Chris Perkins. Crawford and Perkins will serve as the Dungeon Masters, while Holkins and Krahulik will be joined by the role playing stars Jasmine Bhullar and Anna Prosser as players.

Since this is the second in the actual play series, it is worth checking out the original series. Luckily, the entire series is on YouTube, so start streaming all 12 episodes before September.

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