The DM's Masterclass Bundle

The ULTIMATE Dungeon Master's Bundle! Everything you need to plan a campaign, not matter where your players journey.  The Genesis Box

  • Contains: 
  • Use the O-R-C system to create legendary adventures in minutes
    • O - Opening Action
    • R - Rising Action
    • C - Climactic Action

Deck of Stories Volume 2

  • 54 MORE story prompts and adventure hook cards
  • Compatible with any Fantasy RPG Adventure

Dungeon Craft Volume 1

  • 1000 reversible terrain pieces
  • Water-resistant
  • Dry/wet-erase marker compatible 

Castles & Keeps

  • Hundreds of new pieces to populate an entire castle
  • Siege weaponry, castle defenders, orcish raiders, merchants and nobles to fill out your most ambitious scenarios
  • New buildings such as guard towers, barracks, storehouses, and armories.
  • Intact, burning and destroyed buildings and walls 
  • Fully compatible with City and Turned Earth Map Packs
Realm's Edge
  • Hundreds of new unique terrain tiles, buildings, walls and creatures
  • 15 full pages of Fey creatures and scenery
  • New gothic inspired buildings to add a bit of darkness and horror to your scene

5 Unique Battle Maps

  • Grassland, City, Turned Earth, Hell and Ocean Maps
  • Each map measures 24" x 33"  and features 1" squares
  • Textures and scenery to match our Dungeon Craft books.
  • Wet-erase and Dry-erase marker compatible
  • Water resistant Glossy Lamination