The Descent Pack

The portal to Hell has opened its gaping maw and invited you down. Dare you descend in to its depths to face the horrors that wait?

Dungeon Craft Hell and High Water

  • 880 all-new terrain prices, monsters, and humanoids
  • Water-resistant
  • Dry/wet-erase marker compatible 
  • Features siege engines and infernal machines, lava pools, molten rocks and ships made from the bones of the fallen
  • Compatible with “Decent into Avernus” or similar adventures

Battle Map: Hell

  • 24x33" with 1" squares
  • Dry/wet-erase marker compatible
  • Rich, detailed imagery
  • Reversible!

Deck of Stories Hell Booster

  • 18 infernal-themed storytelling prompts cards
  • Perfect for playing “Decent into Avernus” or similar adventures
  • Use the O-R-C system to create legendary adventures in minutes
    • O - Opening Action
    • R - Rising Action
    • C - Climactic Action
  • Thousands of exciting combinations!