Retailer Information

1985 Games is now taking retailer pre-orders for Dungeon Craft: Cursed Lands and Dungeon Craft: Castles and Keeps as featured on our latest Kickstarter.
As with our last Kickstarter all you need to do as a retailer is contact us at expressing your interest. If you’re a new retailer we’ll ask for some basic information (website, best email and phone number to contact you at, confirmation of brick and mortar location, etc.). From there all you need to do is sit tight, no upfront deposit is required.
Once the product arrives, we will reach out to finalized your order. We do our best to make sure that retailers who support our Kickstarter have 30 days exclusivity before the product arrives in the normal trade channels.
For every book ordered you will receive a copy of any associated stretch goals. We will endeavor to make as many of the add-ons available to retail as possible but some items, such as dice, will be unavailable. For further details please email us.
Additionally, a store demo copy will be provided for any retailer buying at least one full case (10 units) of a book.
Thanks for your interest and we look forward to establishing a healthy relationship with you.