Journey to the Lands of the Vampire Lord Bundle

You found yourself lost and terrified in the dark woods of Barovia. Do you have what it takes to free the folk trapped beneath the Vampire Lord's tyrannical reign?

4 sealed products on a white background Curse of Strahd

Cursed Lands

  • Companion book for Dungeons & Dragon’s popular “Curse of Strahd” or any Ravenloft adventure.
  • Hundreds of all-new gothic horror inspired terrain pieces 
  • Dilapidated buildings, horrific monsters, supernatural beings, undead and more!

Deck of Stories Gothic Booster

  • 18 gothic horror-themed storytelling prompts cards
  • Perfect for playing “The Curse of Strahd” or similar adventures

City and Turned Earth Battle Maps

  • 24x33" with 1" squares
  • Dry/wet-erase marker compatible
  • Rich, detailed imagery
  • Reversible!