Veronica's Crew Picks October 2021

Veronica's Crew Picks October 2021

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr by Ram V and Filipe Andrade

 The best comic on stands right now is The Many Deaths of Leila Starr. 

    At the birth of the human who will bring about immortality, the Goddess of Death is fired and sent to live among mortals. She inhabits the body of Leilah Starr a young woman in Mumbai. While human she searches to find and murder the child whose discovery will one day cost both her livelihood and place in the universe.

That is about all I can say that without spoiling the many story twists, but the writing and art are both gorgeous and lovely and boundary-pushing in so many ways. Point in case: the third issue is entirely from the point of view of a cigarette Lalai Starr smokes then leaves in an ashtray. Outrageous and unforgettable check it out.

Soccer Mommy - Color Theory

Soccer Mommy released a new single recently; Rom-Com 2000 a tongue-in-cheek tribute to schmaltzy turn-of-the-century romantic comedies with an early 2000s pop-rock sound and accompanying retro-style video.

After hearing it I was hungry for more Sophia Regina Allison (AKA Soccer Mommy) so I revisited her 2020 record Color Theory. A highlight of that strange hard year we all went through. Since then I’ve been replaying it at least once a day. I Cannot get enough of her observational lyrics crooned intimately over grunge-style guitar swells and plunging countermelodies. 

If you haven’t heard her yet go to and check out “Circle the Drain” or “Yellow is the color of her Eyes.”

"Skirmish" The Card Game


Skirmish is a streamlined little two-player card game. It takes about five minutes and plays like an amalgam of Stratego and War. 

Each player creates a stack of five cards from their deck and hides their king in one of them. Then they take turns playing a card from one of their stacks to an opponent’s pile of their choice. The opponent reveals the top card, whoever has the higher card wins, with some exceptions  (like archers can beat anyone for one turn and shields can block anyone but are then destroyed). The lower card is discarded and then the next person goes. The first to destroy the other player’s king wins. 

Easy to learn, fast to play,  I keep it in my purse at all times and pull it out when waiting in lines or for food to arrive and challenge whoever is with me

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