1985 Games Newsletter: April 2023 Edition

1985 Games Newsletter: April 2023 Edition

As the weather ranged from hail to sunny here in Portland, Oregon, the 1985 Games office has also experienced its own range of events this past month. From wrapping up one Kickstarter campaign to appearing on live TV, April was full of projects and deadlines. Here is a quick look behind the curtains here at 1985 Games HQ.


If you attended Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo from March 31st to April 2nd, you might have seen our booth within the Exhibitor's Hall. With our last attendance in 2020, we returned to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) for 2023. With cosplayers, con-goers, and celebrities galore, the show was a phenomenal experience. As for sales, we had to use several sold-out signs by Saturday! Naturally, we already applied for C2E2 2024.

Featured in Portland Business Journal

Shortly after our C2E2 appearance, Portland Business Journal's Malia Spencer interviewed our CEO, Lenny Gotter. They discussed Lenny's business experience, the growing tabletop gaming industry, 1985 Games, and our Start Engine raise. Check it out!

Read our Portland Business Journal interview!

We Were On KOIN TV Portland

As if one interview wasn't enough, our CEO, Lenny Gotter, & Creative Director, Jeremiah Crofton, appeared on live TV! That's right, we were featured on the local CBS affiliate KOIN TV. With Lenny's prior experience on live TV, they totally crushed the AM NEWS as they discussed 1985 Games and the growing popularity of Dungeons & Dragons.

View our KOIN TV feature!

Start Engine Going Strong

Even though our Start Engine raise started last month, it still gets featured in the April Newsletter since it is still open for investments. Our raise is going spectacularly well and we only hope to keep going up. In fact, head on over now to not only invest in a small business, but to support the ever-growing tabletop role-playing community.

Invest in 1985 Games!

Roll For Sandwich Feature

Fans of the popular series Roll For Sandwich might have already spotted our Mystery Dice on @adventuresinaardia 's April Fool's episode. After rolling our dice over and over again, he created a disaster (or master) of a sandwich. Head on over to not only see the hype surrounding our popular Mystery Dice, but to subscribe to a joyous TikTok series.

View @adventuresinaardia 's Mystery Dice TikTok

Buy your own pack of Mystery Dice

Our Store Expanded!

After expanding our stores on Roll20, Arkenforge, and Fantasy Grounds, we decided to expand our own store. Now, we have digital copies of all our BattleMaps, plus more! You can easily navigate to the digital copy of our BattleMaps by scrolling to the bottom of the BattleMap's store page and selecting the "Available Online" option you are interested in. Once on the Digital BattleMap page, you have access to all Digital BattleMaps we offer.

Each Digital BattleMap can be added to your cart and purchased like any other product. You will receive a digital copy that you can use to your hearts desire.

Check out our Digital BattleMap series!

DND Mystery Pin Kickstarter Updates

Since our DND Mystery Pin order was funded in February, we have been working hard on getting the pins created. Now, as of the final weeks of April, we have completed the process. Completed orders will be on the road by May!

Check out our DND Mystery Pin Kickstarter for updates!

Dungeon Craft Series 3 Kickstarter Update

We have officially received word that our Dungeon Craft Series 3 items are close to being released. Shortly after hearing the good news, we locked in orders! If you haven't completed your survey yet, check your inbox and click that Submit button. We will continue updating our Kickstarter as more news is released.

Also, if you still want to pre-order a copy of any Dungeon Craft Series 3 products, the option is still available. We do not yet have a prediction when the items will be available in store, so take this opportunity to receive Dungeon Craft Series 3 as soon as possible.

Get updated on our Dungeon Craft Series 3 Kickstarter

Pre-Order Dungeon Craft Series 3


Our office has been quiet this past week since our CEO, Lenny Gotter, and our Creative Director, Jeremiah Crofton, are currently at GAMA EXPO. They frequently send updates from Reno, and it looks like an astonishing turnout. We will have complete updates once they come home and get some well-deserved rest over the weekend.

Sneak Peak At May

After writing this newsletter, I realize just how much we have accomplished this month. With all these events and accomplishments, we have no intention of slowing down. In fact, we have a few tips as to what might be in-store for the upcoming months:

  • We¬†will be featured at a local game store here in Portland.
  • DND Mystery Pins will be shipped.
  • Dungeon Craft Series 3 campaign will receive important updates.
  • We might have a big product announcement...

The TTRPG community is rapidly growing and we want to continue supporting it as much as humanly possible. I hope you all stick around to not only receive updates about the RPG community, but to see all the ways we are supporting the growth.

Not to mention, we are players ourselves here at 1985 Games, so we are personally invested in producing as much as we can when it comes to TTRPGs. A quick glance at our group chat would prove that we are constantly throwing around ideas. Granted, not all them are worth developing, but some of them just might catch your attention.

What would you like to see 1985 Games do in the future? What items would enhance your gaming experience? Would you like to see us featured somewhere or collaborate with someone?


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