1985 Games Newsletter: May 2023 Edition

1985 Games Newsletter: May 2023 Edition

Summer is just around the corner and with the new season, we have new projects. Keeping with tradition, we will be launching our new project on Kickstarter. Read on to find out just what project I am referring to...

Mox Creator Of The Month

The Seattle and Portland based game store, Mox, featured us as their Mox Spotlight guest. Not only did we get a fun display in all their stores for the month, but we also collaborated with them to create a limited-time dice set!

Read more on Mox's blog!

Red's Nerd Den Creator Spotlight

Our very own CEO, Lenny Gotter, was featured as Red's Nerd Den's Spotlight Creator. Red and Lenny discussed the start of 1985 Games, the Wizard's of the Coast OGL fiasco, and how you can start your TTRPG business.

Learn what Lenny has to say about starting your own tabletop game business!

DND Mystery Pin Kickstarter Complete

As of May, we have officially shipped all pins for our DND Mystery Pin Kickstarter. We are proud to say we received positive feedback on the pins and we are happy that our backers enjoyed their order.

If you missed the window for our DND Mystery Pin Kickstarter, I have good news for you! While our pins are not offered on our website, we do include a variety of DND inspired pins in orders for our Mystery Dice Delivery Service. Not only will you receive stickers and/or stickers each month, but you also will get 2 packs of our fan-favorite Mystery Dice. Talk about a double win!

I want pins and dice to appear on my doorstep!

The Team Grows!

We have a new team member here at 1985 Games HQ! Coy will be joining us on occasion (okay, probably more than that) to post to our Instagram. If you already follow our Instagram, you might have already seen his latest posts. Now, I wonder cursed phrase Coy will receive on our Meet The Team page...

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"Obojima: Tales From The Tall Grass" Launching On Kickstarter

You may have already heard about our upcoming Kickstarter if you are subscribed to our newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe to our newsletter for discounts, exclusive updates, and more), but we are officially releasing the news to the public... We will be launching Obojima: Tales From The Tall Grass on Kickstarter.

This 5e compatible campaign setting is inspired by the wondrous worlds of Studio Ghibli films & the Legend of Zelda. With the release of Tears of the Kingdom and the upcoming Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli film, How Do You Live, coming to theaters in Japan on July 14, 2023, this colorful and awe-inspiring campaign setting will be the perfect expansion to the ever-growing love for these beautiful worlds.

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Sneak Peak At June

As you might have noticed, we have a lot of upcoming projects. As always, we will continue to embrace the chaos here at 1985 Games HQ and (hopefully) will keep you all updated! As of now, here are a few upcoming events:

  • FREE Obojima playtest content releasing weekly on Reddit and our newsletter.
  • Complete inventory restock coming to the US.
  • Complete inventory restock shipping to the rest of the world.
  • Possibly another Kickstarter in store...

The TTRPG community is rapidly growing and we want to continue supporting it as much as humanly possible. I hope you all stick around to not only receive updates about the RPG community, but to see all the ways we are supporting the growth.

Not to mention, we are players ourselves here at 1985 Games, so we are personally invested in producing as much as we can when it comes to TTRPGs. A quick glance at our group chat would prove that we are constantly throwing around ideas. Granted, not all them are worth developing, but some of them just might catch your attention.

What would you like to see 1985 Games do in the future? What items would enhance your gaming experience? Would you like to see us featured somewhere or collaborate with someone?

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